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By car with the help of a map or a GPS you arrive in Vieux-Nice (Old City),

  • by driving and following the Promenade des Anglais – in the direction of the Harbor
  • until the Jardin Albert 1er, than turn left in the direction of TUNNEL, but stay in the right lane, you are on the Avenue des Phocéens
  • you cross over the Place Masséna and always stay right
  • continue along the street, called now Boulevard Jean Jaurès, parallel to the tram (on the right) and to the Coulée Verte / Promenade Paillon = Green Belt (on the left)
  • after about 300m you arrive at the tram stop CATHÉDRALE – VIEILLE VILLE and continue about 50 to 100 m until the next traffic light, than turn right in the Rue Centrale, you have to cross over the rails (on the right you will see a big olive tree, on the left a bookshop).
  • Continue about 100 m until the pedestrian area and here turn left in the Rue de la Loge (on the right there is a Socca-Restaurant, on the left a small supermarket, you drive very close to the vegetables stand) .
  • Continue along Rue de la Loge up,
  • Cross over three side streets and than turn left the Rue des Serruriers,
  • Continue along these street, drive under two gates. By the second one you will see a metal picket on the street and on the side a pilar with interphone where you can call and say the address 16, Rue de la Providence.
  • Automatically the street will open. Now the name is Rue Jouan Nicolas.
  • Continue along, there is a right hand bent, the street now is Rue de la Providence, and on the left you can see the old stone wall of the MAS du VIEUX-NICE and the green portal.
  • At the end of the street, on the Place Sainte-Claire, if you are in luck you will find a parking!

At the airport (Terminal 1 or Terminal 2) you can take a taxi or a bus - Line 98 direction PROMENADE DES ART – CENTRE VILLE (about 20-30 minutes), stop at the bus stop CATHÉDRALE – VIEILLE VILLE and walk about 10 minutes to the MAS du VIEUX-NICE through side streets and stairways or about 15 minutes only through side streets! Welcome!


It is not that easy to get there by car: there is only one road, the Rue des Serruriers, then called Rue de la Providence, that leads up to the MAS OF VIEUX-NICE. It is also a cul-de-sac and ends in the square (Place Sainte-Claire) right behind the house. With a bit of luck you may find a parking space there. It is, however, much more likely that you will find a space to park in a public parking garage in the city centre, where your chances are much better. It must also be noted that you will have to navigate through some narrow alleyways in order to get to the Bastide. But do not be afraid: you will get there, even with a Trafic-type van or even with a Mercedes Sprinter!

If you come on foot, you go up some steep, winding alleyways and up some stairs. When you arrive, you will be rewarded for your effort by the view, the air and the tranquillity. You will take approximately 5 minutes from the fisher’s market (Place Saint-François) to the house! That is also where all shopping options are located (bakery, small supermarket, winery, pharmacy, bookstore…) and, most importantly, Nice’s famous butcher shops in the Rue Pairolière, but also all kinds of stores and boutiques as well as souvenir shops. The famous Place Garibaldi square, which invites you to sit in the cafés and restaurants, is located only a few walking minutes away from the maze of the alleyways of the historic city centre. There, you will also find a large supermarket where you can buy all the food you might want. Also just a few minutes away on foot from the Mas, on your way to the Promenade des Anglais and to the beach, there is the Cours Saleya with its daily market, where they offer flowers and many other regional products. It is a pleasure to stroll along the maze of alleyways, a look of old times, and one might think that time has come to a standstill. Let yourself be guided by instinct: Just around the corner of the street, you will find a new façade, a previously unknown church or a hidden restaurant.

Even the tramline makes its way into the quarter: it crosses at the nearby Boulevard Jean Jaurès. The tram stop Cathédrale / Vieille Ville is located at the level of Fisher’s Market and Place Saint-François square. Coming from the airport, you can also get there directly by bus with bus line 98. Just get off at the bus stop Cathédrale / Vieille Ville and walk a few alleyways and stairs to the Bastide (approx. 10 minutes) or follow the above-mentioned road (without stairs), if you are carrying larger and heavy luggage (approx. 15-20 min). Luggage on wheels is strictly advised.
If you provide the exact address, you can also have a taxi driver drive you to the Mas!

Access PATOU

By car with the help of a map or a GPS you arrive at the Rue Penchienatti coming from the Avenue Saint-Jean-Baptiste.

From the airport you can take a taxi or a bus - from both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 – Line 98 direction RIQUIER (about 30 minutes), stop at the bus stop PROMENADE DES ARTS and walk about 5 - 10 minutes to the flat PATOU.

Underground car park

For the apartment JASMIN:


Avenue Saint-Jean-Baptiste

Parking CORVESY (Vieux-Nice)


For the apartement PATOU:

Parking Marshal

Rue Penchienatti / Place Marshall